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Waterproof 3 Speed 25 Frequency Therapeutic Massage Wand
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When you choose a massager wand from Oopsix, you’ll enjoy a luxurious massage in no time

Color: Purple
Head Diameter: 1.6” (4cm)
Total Length: 7.5” (19cm)
Material: Medical silicone + chromed ABS
Max Noise: <60 dB
Battery: 700mAh polymer Li-ion battery
Charging time: About 1.5 hours from zero to full battery level.
Using time: About 3 hours depending on the vibration modes.

Product Features
1. Built into 25 Frequency – ultra strong motors for ultra-relax massage therapy.
2. USB rechargeable battery
3. About 1.5 hours charging, up to 3 hours relaxation time.
4. Lower than 60 db, enjoy your personal massage wand.
5. Made of silicone, safe and smooth.
6. 100% Waterproof
7. Enjoy your bath time with it.

● The product is a personal massager and not classified as a medical device.
● Don’t massage on open wounds, or around your chest & throat area. If you feel severe discomfort during the massage, please stop using the wand and consult with your healthcare provider.
● Don’t use the product in charging. When charging, please insert the DC plug into the port gently.

Package Included:
1* Body Massager
1* USB Cord
1* Instruction

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