Our Company

Oopsix, a new professional brand for adult products that holds health and sexuality in the same regard and a direct link to a high quality life. Oopsix aims at providing consumers with various cost-effective, unique, tantalizing sexual products. As a perfect combination of eroticism and beauty, each product reveals itself with a certain, simple elegance. Also, as a wonderful gift for the happy and fulfilled sex life of 6,000,000,000 people globally, Utimi makes a promise here, every design and every detail is only meticulously made to enhance your sexual happiness. Each of our products is well-designed with realistic shape, smooth touch feeling as well as extreme durability, which will appeal to you so much that you are never willing to let go of it!

Oopsix can be your personal loyalty partner to enjoy any private moment; can be the magic wand to improve heightened sexual pleasure between couples and can be your secret key to love or to be loved.

Your first luxury sex toy bought from Oopsix will be the beginning of a magic journey towards a more fulfilled life, being either on your own or with your partner.

Want to improve your sex pleasure? Then why not start from Oopsix?


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